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The Azule Foundation exists to address the overall health and well-being of physical, emotional, relationship, economic, education and spiritual needs of veterans and their families.

Helping Vets in Need

The Azule Foundation exists to address the overall economic health and well-being of service members, including their economic, educational, physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual needs.

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Somewhere, a soldier doesn’t understand why he is so easily discarded


Empowering Veterans

We are innovative advocates changing the system to benefit veterans.

Too often our returning veterans struggle to transition successfully to civilian life. Homelessness, substance abuse, financial troubles, and mental illness are just a few of the issues they face. The Azule Foundation believes the solution is to empower veterans with the skills and resources they need to enhance their lives. We are veteran focused and committed to advocacy and support for veterans, their families, and identified supports. The Azule Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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hp-MissionOur Mission is to combat economic barriers through empowerment education, advocacy, and resources for service members, their families, and their identified supports…

hp-VisionVets returning from WWII and Vietnam didn’t have much in the way of support when they got home. Mental illness was taboo, and no one really talked about PTSD. The rate of veteran…

hp-SolutionsThe Azule Foundation takes a holistic approach to helping veterans. Our philosophy is to empower vets, their family members, and their identified supports through education, advocacy, and resources…