Not Enough Is Being Done

While the American public rightly views service members as the heroes they are, not enough is being done to help our veterans successfully transition to empowered, meaningful civilian lives. Although 26 different organizations exist in to help veterans in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, they tend to operate independently of one another and may not address all needs. The same veteran might approach half a dozen organizations for help with housing, finances, mental health, legal matters, or other issues. Some resources are only available for a short time after returning home. Others might not address the needs of family members and identified personal supports.

Empowering Veterans

The Azule Foundation strives to be the one phone call vets need to make to get the help they so deserve. What’s more, Azule’s philosophy is to “teach a man to fish,” so veterans are empowered with the skills and resources they need to enhance their own lives.

Visit our Solutions page to learn about our current initiatives to improve veteran assistance.

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